Here you can read about research and experience from the Sea Stallion's voyage home to Roskilde.

Research and experience

Photo: Werner Karrasch

The last miles at sea

We are sailing the last nautical miles with the Sea Stallion – for the time being.

But the project does not end…

Photo: Werner Karrasch

Heavy sea and flexibility

“It’s like sailing a rubber dinghy that hasn’t been pumped full of air”, was how someone once put it, after sailing…

The tide in Wicklow, Photo: Werner Karrasch

The Sea Stallion leaves tidal waters

The tides follow the Moon’s rotation around the earth. The gravitational pull of the Moon (and of the Sun) and the…

Photo: The crew

Change of watch on the Sea Stallion

When the crew is told that the Sea Stallion is to sail the next morning, everyone tries to get to bed suitably…

Photo: pulley block, Drawing: Reconstruction proposal for the pulley found at Hedeby. Drawing: Werner Karrasch

“Making sail”

Today we inspected both blocks in the halyard tackle to see if the wheels and axles are worn.

The halyard is the…

Photo: Werner Karrasch

The Sea Stallion’s electronics

For safety, documentation and communication reasons, we have modern navigation and communication instruments on…

Photo: Werner Karrasch

A longship crew

How well the ship sails is not the only question; we are also interested in how the crew handles the Sea Stallion…

Ongoing repairs and maintenance on the Sea Stallion

Ongoing repairs and maintenance on the Sea Stallion

The Sea Stallion in rough weather

The Irish Sea. Sea Stallion is sailing with a ‘half wind’ (beam reach) on starboard tack (the wind is coming across…

Why don’t we do everything as in Viking times?

Why don’t we navigate as they did in Viking times? Why don’t we wear the clothes the Vikings did? Why don’t we eat…