Oselver tolværing from Os i Norge, 1998

The keel, stem and stern of this "oselver tolværing" (river Os 12-oar boat) were built of oak while the rest of the boat was made of pine. It was designed specially for sailing with parties of schoolchildren on Roskilde Fjord.
The boatbuilders has specifically taken into account the fact that the boat should be well suited to beating on the generally quite calm fjord. As shown in the cross-sectional drawing, the lowest plank, the garboard strake, is raised so that it has a more upwards slant than the corresponding plank on Bjørnefjord's sister ship, the Oselven.

Bjørnefjord is also larger than the Oselver boats normally were so that a whole class of schoolchildren can sail together. As the smaller Oselver boats are not nowadays square-sailed, but sprit-sailed, it was also necessary to adapt a square sail in keeping with earlier traditions.

Informations about Bjørnefjord

Dockyard: Oselvarverkstaden, Os (Norway)
Boatbuilder: Harald Dalland and Nils Olav Solbakken, Oselververkstadet in Os, Norway
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum 
Year of construction: 1998


Dockyard: Oselvarverkstaden , Os (Norway)
Owner: Vikingeskibsmuseet
Year of construction: 1998