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ETA: Nuuk kl. 13:00 local time

Skjoldungen plan to dock in 'Kolonihavnen' in Nuuk at 13:00 local time

11m/s and thick, thick fog

Skjoldungen is still lying at the Polar Oil harbour, ca. 37 nautical miles from Nuuk. The weather has not followed…

Faeringehavn. Photo From Skjoldungens Facebook-page.

High, snow-clad peaks and hopping arctic hares

Skjoldungen’s crew have made camp with their backs to ‘Polar Oils’ large oil tank and a view out over the fjord and…

On the hunt for mussels at low tide. There’s great hospitality to be found at Polar Oil. Pictures are from Skjoldungen’s Facebook page.

We're gonna stay here!

Created by Rikke Tørnsø Johansen

As much cod as we can eat and a bucket of mussels. ‘Polar Oil’ has proved to be a lovely place, with lovely people.

Photo: recorded by Thomas Ingemann. The picture shows 'Polaroil' from the sea and is an archive photo found via photo service 'Panoramio'

Warm welcome at one of Greenland's largest oil depots

Skjoldungen lies between the giant oil tanks and the crew keeps a close eye on the weather forecast.

Sent directly from the boat

After yet another day of sailing in thick fog, we've arrived at Polaroil.

Goodmorning from yet another natural harbour

If you ask the crew where they are , the answer is " well, that's a good question."

It can be difficult to know…

Sent directly from the boat

The wind is good and we're heading North. We're actually so well on our way, that we had to change our planned…

Sent directly from the boat

We're on our way once again and our faithful companion, the fog, is lying around the ship like a thick quilt. The…

The fog has lifted

The fog has lifted, the sun shines and Skjoldungen is ready for departure from Fiskenæsset! Their tracker is defect…