Gokstad færing to Museé de la Civilisation, Canada

Reconstruction of a ship's boat from the Gokstad ship in Norway, 895

This oak boat was built by two boatbuilders from the Viking Ship Museum for the Museé de la Civilisation in Québec, Canada, as part of a special exhibition about the Vikings. The original boat was found together with the Gokstad ship in 1880 and presumably served as a kind of tender for the 24-metre oceangoing ship. It is not clear whether the boat carried a sail.

Information about Gokstadfæring to Museé de la Civilisation, Canada 

Dockyard: The Viking Ship Museum
Boatbuilder: Tom Nicolajsen, Søren Nielsen
Owner: Museé de la Civilisation, Quebec, Canada
Year of construction: 1992

Length: 6.50 meter (21 feet)
Width: 1.38 meter (5 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.20 meter (1 feet)
Number of oars: 4
Crew: 2-3 men
Estimated maximum speed: 4 knots