Eel drifter, 2010

Built at the Viking Ship Museum's boatyard of oak on oak for a private customer. The drifter has a centre board, but is otherwise completely flat-bottomed, and can therefore, when the centreboard is lifted, drift sideways while dragging a drift net along the sea bottom. The eels that were caught could be kept alive in the well amidships.

The main mast is rigged with gaffsail, foresail, jib and topsail, while the mizzen mast is rigged
with a lugsail. 

Information about Tumleren 

Dockyard: The Viking Ship Museum
Boatbuilder: Ture M. Møller, and others
Owner: Private owner
Year of construction: 2010

Total sail area: 68 m2
Crew: 2 men
Estimated maximum speed: 8 knots