The Rune Stone at Rønninge Church

There’s a rune stone in the porch of Rønninge Church, 2.5km from Bytoften. It’s the only known preserved rune stone in East Funen. The stone says: Sote raised this stone in memory of Elev, his brother, Asgot Red Shield’s son (or son of Asgot with the red birthmark). The stone has had an interesting life. When it was registered in 1627 it was on a stone bridge but, as tradition was then, the plan was to move it to a hill. But the stone disappeared, only to turn up in 1853 during the demolition of a building in Kerteminde. Then it was used In the founds of another building, but later removed and placed in the old cemetery in Kerteminde. Finally, it ended up in Rønninge Church.