Just 2.5km south of Hørning Church, on route 21 between Assentoft and Rønde, a very special stone stands guard over the bridge across the Alling River. A mask has been carved on the stone in the Mammen style, but unusually there is no runic text.  The mask stone here at Sjellebro lies in the same place where it was found in 1951, at an ancient crossing-point for the river.  Archaeological excavations here have brought more roadway constructions to light: a paved road from the early Iron Age (about 500 BC-400 AD), a plank road from the mid 700s, and the remains of a bridge from the late Viking Age.  It used to be said that the "River Man" demanded a human life each year. Once, six years had passed without anyone dying in the river, but in the seventh year a carriage with seven people fell in, and all drowned.