Blakman was built of pine by Niclas í Koltri. The rough seas, unforeseeable weather and strong currents between the Faeroe Islands made it necessary to have particularly seaworthy vessels, which were also sufficiently light to be dragged ashore. Strong squalls made it necessary to have a reduced sail area, and even that was divided into two low sails.

Blakman is rigged with a lugsail on the main mast and a small spritsail on the mizzenmast. Both masts are easily lowered into the boat after taking in the sails. The oars are the main means of propulsion in all kinds of weather.

Information about Blakman

Dockyard: Faeroe Islands (Denmark)
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum 
Boatbuilder: Niclas i Koltri
Year of construction: 1970

Length: 7.80 meter (26 feet)
Width: 1.90 meter (6 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.40 meter (1 feet)
Total sail area: 10 m2
Number of oars: 8 (narrow-bladed)
Crew: 9 men
Estimated maximum speed, sail: 6 knots
Estimated maximum speed, oars: 5 knots