Reconstruction of a small farm boat from the Early Middle Ages, 1130-1150

This boat was built of oak in the museum boatyard in 1995. The original boat was found in 1993 at Gislinge, a village that stands on the reclaimed Lammefjord, which in the Viking Age was an extensive stretch of water. This little working boat transported cargo and people. With its low draught it was able to ply anywhere in the fjord and a good distance along the waterways from and to it. The cargo-carrying capacity was around 1 ton, e.g. 4 men and 10 sheep.

Information about Estrid

Dockyard: The Viking Ship Museum
Boatbuilder: Rasmus Hytting, Birger Andersen, Søren Nielsen
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum 
Year of construction: 1995

Length: 7.70 meter (25 feet)
Width: 1.64 meter (5 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.25 meter (1 feet)
Total sail area: 10 m2
Number of oars: 6 (2 per man)
Crew: 2-4 men
Estimated maximum speed, oars: 5 knots
Estimated maximum speed, sail: 6 knots