Åfjord boat from Tröndelag, 1987

Liv was built of spruce by Johan Haastad from Stadsbygd in Norway as part of a special exhibition at the Viking Ship Museum. This 6 m long boat is a typical example of the smallest type of Åfjord boat, the "færing" (4-oar boat). With a length of about 16 m, the "storfembøring" was the largest. The smaller Åfjord boats were mostly used for transporting people, and for fishing in the extensive fjords and around the skerries near Trondheim.

One square sail can be set on the færing.


Currently the boat is in storage.

Information about Liv

Dockyard: The Viking Ship Museum
Boatbuilder: Johan Haastad, Stadbygd in Norway
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum 
Year of construction: 1987

Length: 5.90 meter (19 feet)
Width: 1.45 meter (5 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.30 meter (1 feet)
Total sail area: 7 m2
Number of oars: 4
Crew: 2 men
Estimated maximum speed, sail: 6 knots
Estimated maximum speed, oars: 5 knots