Marcus Noer

Replica of a Frederikssund dinghy, 1900

The original dinghy was built entirely of oak in Frederikssund in 1900 for fisherman Marcus Noer from Ejeby who used it for fishing north of the island Orø in Isefjorden. The dinghy has a well amidships to keep alive and fresh the sole and other flatfish that were caught. The replica, built in Sletten in 1980, exemplifies the appearance of
traditional small coastal fishing vessels just before boat engines were introduced.

The boat, a so-called "four-sail" dinghy, is rigged with spritsail, foresail, jib and topsail.

Information about Marcus Noer

Dockyard: The Viking Ship Museum
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum 
Year of construction: 1980

Length: 5.40 meter (18 feet)
Width: 2.20 meter (7 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.75 meter (2 feet)
Total sail area: 27 m2
Number of oars: 2 or 4
Crew: 2 men
Estimated maximum speed, sail: 6 knots
Estimated maximum speed, oars: 2.5 knots