"Storåttring" from Nordland, 1892.

This Nordland "storåttring" (large 8-oar boat) was built of spruce at Hemnessberget in Ranfjorden for fishing cod in winter around the islands of Lofoten and Vesterålen in Northern Norway. With their picturesque hulls and square sails, Rana and the neighbouring boat from Åfjord in North Tröndelag were called "the last Vikings" because they were still in use up to about 1920.

Rana is rigged with a square sail and topsail.

Information about Rana 

Dockyard: The Ran Fjord (Norway)
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum  
Year of construction: 1892

Length: 10.80 meter (35 feet)
Width: 2.70 meter (9 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.60 meter (2 feet)
Total sail area: 33 m2
Number of oars: 10
Crew: 5 men
Measured maximum speed, sail: 12.5 knots
Measured maximum speed, oars: 3.5 knots