Follow the Helge Ask's summer voyage

On this page you can read the reportings Helge Ask crew sends home to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. The ship departs from Roskilde June 22nd and is expected back on July 7th depending on the weather.

The most recent logbook notes are at the top.

Going for a swim

Why should the crew help with the oars when they can just send out a swimmer in order to turn the ship around? All…

Layover in Tunø

Helge Ask and the crew have spend the night in Tunø Havn.

Sun and beating outside Hundested

Helge Ask is beating in order to make it to Hundested despite og the headwind. The sun is shinning and the crew…

The voyage has begun!

Helge Ask and the crew departed from Skuldelev in the quiet morning hours.