The Ydby Stone

Suddenly the rune stone was gone. It disappeared sometime between 1767 and 1841 despite the efforts of landscape painter RH Kruse to find it. But in 2016 the Kappel family in Boddum were drinking coffee on their paved terrace and a visitor remarked that one piece of paving wasn’t unlike a rune stone. Thus, that was how a large part of the Ydby stone came to light.  Two additional fragments were later found in another section of the paving. The stones had come from a nearby farm that had been sold. There are still missing pieces of the stone, so the hunt for the last chunks continues at Ydby. The inscription reads: "Troels and Leve’s sons raised the stone at this place in memory of Leve." Where the stone will eventually be exhibited has not been decided yet, but you can see a replica at Ydby Station.