2003: Ohthere’s Voyages

Here follows an abstract of the introduction published in the proceedings of the seminar:

The present volume contains the edited contributions of the interdisciplinary seminar on Ohthere’s Voyages, held at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde on 9-10 May, 2003. The seminar focused on six aspects of Ohthere’s report: the text and its translation, contemporary knowledge of Scandinavian geography, Ohthere at home, Ohthere’s destinations, Ohthere at sea, and trade and exchange in Ohthere’s time.

The proceedings of the seminar were published in 2007, in the monograph ’Ohthere’s Voyages. A late 9th-century account of voyages along the coasts of Norway and Denmark and its cultural context’, edited by Janet Bately & Anton Englert